Sunni History In Urdu Meaning Sunni Book Sunni Ka Matlab Kya Hai In English Ahl-e-Sunnat

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Ahl-e-Sunnat or Sunni History In Urdu: Majority of people in Pakistan are Sunni, the word cult is made from difference which means separate and various and differences about religion between followers of a same religion is called schism. Sunni sect is one of two major sects of Muslims and the majority of Muslims belong to the Sunni sect and this sect exists almost from 1400 years.

Islam aims at the creation of an environmental settings in which eradication of evil and promotion of virtue is taken as the duty of every individual and that of group. Islamic rituals also nourish values commensurate with virtuous life. The social structure inculcates fear of Allah through socialization process in the minds of believers. The process of change thus introduced is consistent. It incorporated new codes of civilized conduct, starting from routine domestic affairs to the conduct of government.