Arq-e-Gulab Benefits In Urdu Rose Water Uses Arq e Gulab Recipe In Urdu Faide

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Arq-e-Gulab Benefits In Urdu: On the basis of sweet fragrance and beautiful shape rose is the sign of love and king of all splendid flowers. Rose water is very fragrant and is a rare gem for human skin that is why doctors of skin disorders advise rose water for several diseases. It increases the immune system of skin and is helpful in establishing the correct amount of water in skin, due to this skin become very shiny and smooth and it also prevents excessive emissions of water from skin.

Usually in summer if you sweat more, use rose water because it will protect you from the stench of sweat. Rose cultivated worldwide with different names and so far several types of roses have been discovered. Rose water has plenty of medical benefits. For skin and stomach problems, mix rose water in olive and honey and drink it.