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Sardi Ka Mausam Essay In Urdu:Winter season looks lonely but the evenings of the winter are adorable and so attractive. Wreath of clouds on the sky and elegant view of drowning sun and mountain valleys covered with snow. It is nothing less than a view of paradise. At night burning coal voices in the room and across the room window light voices of snow falling on lowered branches of winter trees and then the silence of the night ends for a few moments because of snowfall. And on each side everything looks white blanket of snow.

Our lovely home is in Swat Valley, nowadays here is much snow and everything looks fantastic in this winter vacation. In front of my house kids are making snowman and i still remember my childhood days when I used to make ice sculptures, That winter season was wonderful and is very memorable for me, probably childhood winters are beautiful and memorable for everyone. Here is a river whose name is Swat River which looks very enchanting in winter days. Places of Swat Valley and days of winter season both are romantic that's why New married couples from all over Pakistan prefer to come here in Swat Valley to enjoy their Honeymoon in winter, this is the proof that Swat in winter days is heaven.
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Winter Season Essay In Urdu Mausam e Sarma: