How To Start Fish Farming In Pakistan Urdu Fish Farming Business At Home Guide

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Each year sees more and more anglers turning to the sea for their sport, attracted by the thrill of adventure which the sea always provides, and the challenge of angling for really big fish. Fishing is a waiting game which demands patience but what about fish farming in your own house? 

Fisheries: On the coastal lines and on the river sides a vast population earns living on fish hunting. Sea food has rich diet value and is the source of maximum protein. Hence meat shortage can be met by the supply of fish. Export of fish constitutes a source of earning foreign exchange. The government has adopted measures for patronizing this trade, and a separate department of fisheries work under Agriculture Ministry, invested with the task of promoting fisheries in coastal areas. A dock has been prepared near Karachi Harbor from where a huge quantity of fish is exported. In almost all the recently constructed dams, facilities for fish farming have been provided.
How To Start A Business Of Fish Farming: It is also interesting as well as useful because in Pakistan it is a hobby and we can also get revenue with fish farming in home.

Choose Your Goal: Select your goal before making fish farms. Are you breeding fish for the meat, or for other purposes? are you constructing fish pond only for earning profit. and after this read books about fish farms and also you can go to the farms of Punjab and Sindh to collect information because there are many farms here and many Pakistanis are working in these farms, they can help you and you can also get help from this blog also.
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