Rashid Minhas Essay In Urdu History Rashid Minhas Biography Life and Story Notes

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Rashid Minhas Essay In Urdu Documentary: 20 years old Pakistan's greatest asset was a officer of the Pakistan Air Force who lost his life while successfully foiling a hijack attempt by a senior Bengali air force officer during the war of 1971 which resulted in the breakup of the East and West Wings of Pakistan.

Three pilot officers were to fly T-33 planes on a test flight as part of their routine training at the PAF Masroor Base in Karachi. Clearance to take off had been given to Minhas when his senior instructor Mutiur Rehman began signalling him with the danger sign. When Minhas emerged from the cockpit to enquire why he was being stopped, Mutiur Rehman attacked him and rendered him unconscious.

He then took control of the plane with the intention of flying it to Jodhpur in India. Meanwhile Minhas regained consciousness and a scuffle took place between the two, as a result of which the plane lost control, nose-dived and went up in flames. Both Minhas and Rehman were killed. Rashid Minhas was awarded the highest military award, the Nishan-e-Haider for his exemplary courage and is widely revered as a military hero in Pakistan.