Habib Jalib History In Urdu Habib Jalib Poetry Inqalabi Shayari Essay And Biography

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Habib Jalib History In Urdu: He was outstanding poet In 1947 He moved to Karachi where he associated himself with the revolutionary leader. In the early years, Jalib wrote romantic poetry for which he gained enormous popularity. His later works are agitations and political in nature, often incurring the wrath of the ruling dictators and courting arrest several times. He was against General Ayub Khan and his dictatorial policies and also of the prevailing oppressive feudal hegemony, which he voiced through his verses.

Jalib was offered agricultural land in exchange for discontinuing his political protests but he refused and continued his struggle through his poetry. He also joined the National Awami Party. During the 1965 Basic Democrats elections, Jalib joined Fatima Jinnah campaign challenging Ayub Khan.

Through his poetry, he also condemned the military operation in East Pakistan and military intervention in Baluchistan. He continued his crusade for people's democratic rights during the Bhutto regime and did not compromise with the government till his death. He was also a bold critic of writers and intellectuals who supported official policies. He has to his credit nine volumes of Urdu poetry.