Shah Waliullah History In Urdu Essay Shah Waliullah Information Notes Introduction And Life In English

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Shah Waliullah History In Urdu: Biography: He was born in an educated family of religious learning's. His father was a reputed religious scholar of his time. He was favorably inclined towards religion even in his early life to an extent that he memorized the Holy Quran at the age of seven. Later he studied allied religious disciplines such as Philosophy and Mathematics.

In his contemporary environments, the Muslims had to face acute turmoils. The Mughal ruler, Muhammad Shah, was an incompetent person incapable of controlling the political situation. He failed to maintain law and order and defend the territorial integrity of the Mughal empire. Certain disruptionist elements had created thorny problems beyond the control of the central government. Certain communities especially, 'Jat' and 'Sikh' had revoted against the hegemony of the Muslim ruler.

Movement: On perceiving the alarming political situation, Shah Wali Ullah drew the attention of the king and warned him about its disastrous results, but the latter did not pay heed and remained indifferent. Non-responsive attitude of the ruler compelled Shah to look forward for seeking the help of any other ruler who could avert the situation in favour of the Muslims. He decided to invite the ruler of Afghanistan, to invade India so as to save the Muslims by defeating 'Marhattas'. On his invitation the Afghan despot attacked India with full force and in the battlefield of Panipat he inflicted crushing defeat on 'Marhattas' in 1761. But the Afghan conqueror did not care to consolidate his position and went back bothering least about the fate of the Muslim empire in India.

The political situation in India thus remained uncertain and in stable from the point of view of the Muslims. Muslims were themselves internally divided into factions and indulged in sectarian fights while externally they had to face the intrigues hatched by the enemies of Islam. Under such precarious conditions Shah Waliullah tried to unite the Muslims on a common platform to fight out against imminent danger. Thus he performed his positive role as a political activist. Throughout his life he tried to make a patch up between different sects of the Muslims. In juridical matters his approach was moderate and he did not show blind following to any particular school of Fiqah.

Being a scholarly man and a profound thinker, he wrote many books in which he presented the teachings of Islam in relation to contemporary environments. His most prominent book dealt with socioeconomic and political issues and structures.