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Feroza Stone Benefits In Urdu: This gem name in English is Turquoise and it comes in huge quantity from Rome. In ancient times this stone were mined in India and then sent to Rome for trimming and cutting. Extremely fine class of Turquoise are found in Iran. In the world of jewelry feroza is the only stone which is available almost in every jewelry market of world.

How To Identify Turquoise Stone Feroza Ki Pehchan: Before purchasing it you should ensure that turquoise is real or fake because fake turquoise are usually sold in the market. A sign of real feroza that if we give it heat then it's water will be dry and it's color will become black and any acid does not affect it but it's color will effect definitely.

Pathar Feroza Stone Rings
Benefits of Turquoise Stone In English: If you wear it destitution and poverty will not come to you because it's elements generate energy and cleverness, such people are capable of getting out of poverty. If you buy the locket of turquoise and hanging around the neck it will strengthen your heart. Characteristic of this stone is that, in clean and good atmosphere it's color will be more transparent, it is good if you want to eliminates fear because researchers said that if you have turquoise then lightning will not fall on you and will also be safe from drowning and will achieve victory over the enemies. A tradition is that whoever saw the new moon and look on turquoise will get enormous wealth. This gem is much less harmful and have positive effects and if you are fond of horses keep this stone. Whoever saw it in morning and evening his life will become pleasant and will be protect from evil eye and will get big position in their friends and loved ones. It strengthens the nerves immensely. That's why in old days soldiers in the war, wears turquoise bracelet on hand.