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Ya Mughni meaning in english - The Enricher: Complete Explanation of Ya Mughniu meaning: Allah is Mughni because He gives so much to His creature that they don’t need to spread their hands in front of any one. His blessings include power, rizq and knowledge. So Allah gives to those whom Allah wants to give. No one can give like Allah, so a person who wants the blessings of Allah call Him by this name Al-Mughni and Allah gives him more than his expectations. There are many benefits of Ya Mughni and i am going to mention the advantages for you, read this Islamic article and remember me in your precious prayers.

Process To Become Rich: How To Become Rich In Islam:
A person who wants to become rich, then if he recites Ya Mughniu for 7000 times for 3 years and also recites Astaghfar for 11 times before the process then he/she will have rizq in high quantity and their financial problems will be solve by reciting Ya Mughnio wird.
To Have Rizq (Food) According To Need:
Every person wants that he get rizq enough which satisfies their needs. For this, recite Ya Mughniu for 7000 times after the fajar prayer of every Friday and then pray to Almighty Allah to have enough rizq, and do this process for 10 Fridays. Allah gives him as much that he will never spread his hands in front of any one.

Marriage Wazifa For Girls (Shadi Dua For Girl): 1111 Times Ya Mughni For Wealth:
Everyone in this world want a happy married life and If you want to get married soon and the only problem is finance/money/jahez then do the amal which is given below.
Those persons whose daughters are unmarried due to having low income or can’t give good dowry or are poor then those persons must recite Ya Mughniu for 11000 time for 11 days, this will helps the person a lot and he will able to marriage his daughter in a good family.
Process To Make Wishes Come True (Hajat Wazifa):
A person who recites Ya Mughniu in the day and in the evening and make a daily routine of reciting Ya Mughnio then his all wishes will come true. This Ism is also very useful for Kashf.

The Process of Ya Mughni Wazifa:
To become the amil of Ya Mughni, recites this Asma-ul-Husna for 12500 times for 40 days and when you will completing the process you will become amil and then recite Ya Mughni zikir for 100 times and remember make this as your daily routine.

Ya Mughni Benefits In Urdu:
fazilat Ya Mughni artinya Ya Mughni for love marriage fadhilat ya mughni maksud

Process To Become Respectful (Izzat Mein Izafa Ka Wazifa):
A person who recites this word will become respectful. So recites this word for 1100 times in a day and make this process as you daily routine, he will become rich and gain more respect in the society and become a respectful person.


  1. the name is powerful - i experienced the benefits in several years back while i used to recite the name