Benefits Ya Mujeeb Wazifa Ya Mujeebu Meaning Ya Mujeebu Dua Fazilat Reciting Arabic

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Ya Mujeeb Meaning in English - The Responder to Prayer: Allah listen the prayers of His creature and fulfills them that’s why He is called Mujeeb because He answers everyone. Allah is Mujib that He listens the pray of sorrow people and try to remove there sorrows and when any person who is worried calls Him for help Allah helps him and fulfills the wishes of everyone and listens the both who are His followers are who are not. So first call Him Ya Mujeebu then pray (dua), He will surely fulfill it. Benefits of Ya Mujeebu are as follows:

Acceptance of Pray of Marriage Dua In English:
If any boy or girl is not getting married and their age is increasing then recite Ya Mujeebu for 5500 times for 11 days and then pray to Allah for geeting married Allah will surely accept your pray. 

Process of Acceptance of Every Prayer: (Har Dua Ki Kabuliat Ka Wazifa)
If a person wants that his/her every wish comes true then for that recite Ya Mujeebu for 220 times daily before going to bed, Allah will fulfill all his desires and wishes. A scholar’s saying is that if a person writes Ya Mujeeb for one hundred times on a clean paper on Friday and kept this paper along with him then when he prays that will be accepted by Allah. Another saying is that recite Ya Mujeeb for 11 times before pray and then pray what you want and at the end again recite this word for 11 times. ALLAH will surely accept your pray.
Process To Get Freedom From Prison:
If some innocent person is locked in the prison then in order to get that person out of the prison gather some people and recites Ya Mujibo for 125000 times and then all people pray for the prisoner in the position of sajdah and do this process for 7 days, Allah will help them and the prisoner will get freedom from the prison.
Process To Bring The Angry Wife Back: (Biwi Ki Narazgi Khatam Karna)
If any person’s wife get angry from him and leaves his home then in order to get back her recite this beautiful name Ya Mujeeb for 11000 times in a day and blow on the glass of water and then throw the water in the direction where she lives, do this process for 11 days, ALLAH helps him and his wife come back to his home.

Process of Ya Mujeebu Amal:
The taweez of Ya Mujeebu is used to fulfill the need and acceptance of prayers and to protect from problems and the others reasons which are listed in this article. But before using the naqsh, recite Ya Mujeebo for 6250 times for 40 days then you can give its taveez to others.

Ya Mujeebu Wazifa In Urdu: