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Opal Stone Benefits In English: A Woman Face (hawa ka chehra): Opal Stone Detail and Characteristics: It is called in past as “hawa ka chehra” (a woman face) because it changes colors as a woman changes her mood. It can take on many colors. Precious opal stone ranges from clear through gray, yellow, magenta, rose pink, slate and olive etc. Of these hues, the red against black are the rarest, whereas white and green are the most common opal. It varies in optical density from opaque to semi transparent.

White Opal Stone Medical Benefits:
  1. Opel is considering as medicines foe all diseases. It prevent from all types of attacks and helps in healing up the wounds. 
  2. It helps to recover from all types of liver, and stomach diseases. 
  3. It makes stronger the inner system of body.
Opal Stone History & Astrological Benefits:
In history, many stories were related to Opal pathar. In 1829, a writer write about Opal negative effects in a novel and he describes so beautifully with good scientific reasons that people thought this story as a reality and the value of Opal decreases from number one to number three. No one wants to buy Opal in Europe. For approx 20 years, this stone is considered as bodeful. When the Queen Victoria of England fits black Opal in her crown then Opal gain its value again.
The astrological benefits of Opal are that it is beneficial for the moody persons, it keeps their moods normal and strengthens the ability of thinking and good for libra, aries, gemini and pisces.
White Opal Stone And Other Colors:
  • Opal medical benefits are that it is beneficial for all types of eye diseases. 
  • Blue Opal is precious for the persons who can’t speak normally, it is also good for Epilepsy. 
  • Opal is good for the working of brain glands and it is wear in necks but to gain medical benefits, it can also be wear in hands.
    • Black Opal Stone: 
    Black Opal is very precious stone it mixes with golden background to black background and many people in India, Pakisan and Australia are wearing opal ring for good effects.

    • Psychological Benefits Of Opal:
  • It stronger the love for God and A person who wears brown opal ring must have to make his/her thinking positive so he/she will get more advantages. 
  • To gain advantages from black Opal, wear it as a necklace or ring.
  •  Orange opal brings justice, if you are not doing justice then it brings disadvantages for you. 
  • According to Europeans Opal makes people wealthy and increases intelligence.
The Queen of Jewels:
  1. Opel relates with love, it’s also called the stone of love in life and controls high temper and anger.
  2.  It is also known as the queen of jewels because it not only brings love in love but also brings happiness and relaxation.
Opal Dream Interpretation: (Pathar Khwab Mein Dekhna)
If Opel will lost from you in dream then it means that between you and your Friend/your relative some distance will came temporary.

White Opal Stone Benefits In Urdu

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