Olive Oil Benefits Urdu Zaitoon Ke Faide Olive Oil In Islam, Recipes Zaitoon For Skin & Uses

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Prophet Muhammad PBUH continuance it for 70 kinds of diseases: Olive oil in Islam: The Lord of this world engenders different kinds of food like milk, wheat, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, which fulfill the energy and food necessity in the human body. These all are gifts from Allah to us and some of them are also mentioned in the Holy Book Quran in Surah Yasin, Surah Rehman in which there is mentioned about their luckiness and engender of health and wellness also. Olive is one of them and in the 30th Para of Quran, there is mentioned about olive and Allah said that tree which grow in the area of Tor Mountain and gives oil and can use as a food.

Hadees About Olive Oil:
In the Hadees of Ibn e Majah it is mentioned that the Great Person of this world Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that eat the oil of olive and apply the oil of it because it has recovery of 70 diseases from which one is jazam.

Olive Oil History: It is know that from norms that this fruit is also found during the rule of Hazrat Nooh (A.S). According to the research of old scientists, the tree of olive produce fruits after planting 40 years and its age is in thousands. It is mostly cultivated in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Syria and Palestine. In Pakistan, it starts cultivated in the hilly areas. The people of Arab countries use its oil and its fruit in pickle.

In our country its oil and the pickle of its fruit are also, its pickle is available in red, green and black color. From the point of view of medical, green color of olive pickle is very good and affective and use mostly. The health specialists are agreed on it that the oil of olive is good in the food for our body and control the cholesterol level in the blood. Makes the blood flow well and it don’t pullulate in the veins and those who are worried about the increase of cholesterol in the blood which causes different diseases can use its oil without any tension.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil In English and Olive Oil Recipe: According to the old researchers the fruit of olive and its oil is best for many diseases and also works as antidote. Olive oil is useful for skin and acts as a medicine for heart diseases, high blood pressure, muscular pain etc. use of olive oil prevents from stone in kidney and liver. Doctors suggest olive oil and olive to diabetes patients. For asthma patients, mix olive oil 1 spoon, honey 2 spoons, 1 tea spoon of almond oil in warm water and then drink it, it reduces the pain and gives relaxation. For belly worms in kids, mix 1 spoon of olive oil in  half boil sweet milk and give to the affective person at night before sleep, all worms will discharge in few days. For muscular pain, message with olive oil, it wills reduces the pain and gives relaxation. For those whose hair fall due to dandruff, mix equal amount of olive oil, castor oil and almond oil and apply on your head for few days, it will not only  removes the dandruff from your hair and also makes your hair silky and soft. It means olive oil for hair loss is very effective and can also be used for skin whitening and hair growth that is why doctor’s also suggested it as a brain tonic.

Zaitoon oil Benefits In Urdu:
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