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Psyllium Benefits in English: Isabgol Beneficial in acidity, constipation and motions. Unbalanced and not clean food becomes a part of our life which causes many diseases. And their rate is increases day by day, these diseases includes acidity, constipation, motions and increase in cholesterol in blood etc. Use of unbalances food, restaurants, fast food, tea and cold drinks in excess amount can affect the digestion system and causes many diseases like constipation, motions, acidity, ulcer and increase the cholesterol level in the blood.
There is a natural way of curing the disease in the medical of Greece and this is very famous because its medicines have no negative effect. Isabgol is very famous plant. Its seeds and cover both are use as a medicine. Isabgol contains mucilage which absorbs water and distended in the water and becomes like jelly. Isabgol is used in acidity, constipation, motions and ulcer and it is very beneficial in these diseases. Chemically isabgol contains fatty oil vitamin and sticky material. Its seeds give glaicoside Aucubin.
Medical qualities of isabgol:
Isabgol makes the liver normal and take the poisonous material along with it and discharge from the body. When we put isabgol in the water then it forms sticky material in excess amount and when we take it then the sticky material don’t work on the enzymes of the liver and passes from through the veins by making them soft.
•    Psyllium recovers from the constipation and it has no side effect.
•    The sticky material of Psyllium makes a layer on the ulcer and this layer recovers from ulcer.
•    The sticky material of isabgol absorbs the poisonous material of bacteria and makes it neutral.
•    The Psyllium absorbs water in the liver and veins and becomes like a jelly shape and removes the acidity and constipation.
•    Isabgol is also beneficial in motions.
•    It is beneficial in the hyper acidity.
•    It satisfies the thrust.
•    It decreases the high level of cholesterol in blood.
Scientists also tell that Psyllium decreases the high level of cholesterol in blood and makes it normal. A research also proves that isabgol decreases the 5 percent of cholesterol in blood.
Directions to use:
For constipation, take 2 table spoons of Psyllium with water/milk at night before sleep. For motions, put 2 tea spoons of Psyllium in a bowl of yogurt and eat it, do this for 2 times in a day.
Don’t use it in indigestion, don’t give isabgol to small babies.

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