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Nutmeg Benefits In Urdu: It is a balmy seed of a tree which is in Indonesia. We use it commonly as spicy. Its outer layer and hard inner core both are used as a medicine and in food also. Its effectiveness is hot and energetic. Nutmeg increases appetite and makes the digestion process better. It has sharp fragment. It reduces flatulence and use in less quantity because its excess amount cause undeceive. Use 1 tea spoon or half tea spoon of nutmeg when want to use it. Its small amount is soothing and depressant. So those who can’t sleep at night can use nutmeg in small amount as in tea. It can also use as to control vomiting.  It strengthens the heart and reduces the pain during periods. Its small amount affects liver in a positive way, it speedups the digestion process increases appetite and reduces acidity also. It’s also affective for kidney’s problems. It is used as fines, as in tea, as spicy and as in message oil.

NOTE: Nutmeg also has poisonous affect. If you take two kernels of it then death can be happen. Without prescription don’t use it as a medicine. Pregnant women don’t use it. Excess amount can damage the brain.

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