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Glycerin Benefits In English: Glycerin (A skin doctor): In winter’s we all are worried about the dryness of our skin and hair. Women take more care of their skin because they use water in performing different tasks at home and this makes their skin rough and dry. So they take more care of their skin to look healthy and smooth. But people do not know that glycerin is best for their skin. It is colorless and odorless and can observe moisturizer from the air. And this speciality makes it more special. Its some usage is as follow:

To Protect Skin:

In order to protect skin add some drops of water in glycerin and apply it on our skin. It is a best moisturizer for your skin. Another method is to mix equal amount of glycerin and honey and make a paste. Then apply it on face and body and then wash it after few minutes. This mask will reduce the dryness of your skin.

To Protect Hair:

In winters due to dryness in air, our hair becomes rough and dry. And that creates a lot of problems for women especially because when they want to make some styles of their hair, they can’t. For that, take equal amounts of water and glycerin and then mix it. And then apply this mixture on your hair. This mixture will works as a conditioner for your hairs and you can easily make styles of your hair. This mixture is also best for curly hairs.

To Protect Eyes:

Another advantage of glycerin is that you can also use it as under eye cream. If you have dark circles under your eyes then you can remove them by applying glycerin at night before going to bed. It works better than regenerating creams available in market and not only removes the dark circles but can also make your skin fresh.

To Protect Wounds:

Another amazing advantage of glycerin is that it can also use for the healing reason for the wounds. It faster the process of healing. It is not only useful for wounds and rashes but also can use for healing the injuries.

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