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Hazrat Saleh A.S Urdu History: The Tarash Mountain: In Quran, there is mentioned about many messengers of ALLAH and their nations also, which came in the Arab countries, one of them is nation Samood which is known also nation of salah. This nation is misguided. ALLAH sends one of HIS messengers Hazrat Saleh (A.S) to show that nation the right path. When Hazrat Saleh announced his prophet ship that nation asked HIM to prove it, that if you are really a messenger of ALLAH then born a camel from the rock of mountain. So a very huge camel born from the rock of mountain. Now this nation now this nation comes down in probation, ALLAH said that one day you drink the water from the provisions of water you have and one day this camel will drink all the water from it, so both the parties must take care of their turn. Nation of Samood was very skilled, they made beautiful houses by scratching the rocks and their skill was very famous but they were so misguided that when the saw their required miracle they continued to refuse it. Some of them make plan to kill that camel and Hazrat Saleh (A.S) prohibited them to not touch that camel with wrong ambition otherwise they all were killed but this didn’t worked on them. They cut the legs of the camel and then killed her.
A horrible sound came and killed all the people who listened it. The sound is so horrible and loud that it may cause their lungs and ear drums to burst or stopped their heart to work and their body burst into pieces.

Nation of Aad
Nation of Aad was the oldest nation of Arab. Its dignity was very famous. Then from world it is removed totally.
According to Quran its habitation was in the place of Ahqaf which is in the middle of Hejaz, Yemen and Yamama. From this place they rule the west side of Yemen to Iraq. This nation was given ascendancy after the nation of Nooh. That place where they live was green and beautiful but now that place converts into desert.
The reason of the downfall of the nation of Aad is their life style which they choose for themselves. ALLAH gave them many chances but they don’t chance their attitude so ALLAH gave them perdition.
Hazrat Saleh (A.S) History In Urdu, Prophet Saleh (A.S)

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