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Kalonji Benefits in English: Black Seed Oil: Kalonji is a seed of a special kind of herb. Its plant is like fennel and is 40 cm long. Its flower is of yellow color, color of seed is black and shape is like the shape of onion. That’s the reason that people think it’s the seed of onion instead of kalonji. The smell of its seeds is very sharp and its seeds are also use in food and prickle also. It has many advantages and it is very effective also. The people of Rome used it a lot, people of Greece and Arab rulers take it from Rome and now it is cultivated and use in all over the world. From the medical books it is also came to known that the medic of Greece use kalonji for the diseases of liver and belly like gastric, ventures pain, excess of periods, mentally weakness etc. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) use kalonji with the honey drink. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) said that you must use it, it has shifa for all diseases expect death.

Kalonji most important advantage is that it is beneficial in Winter and Summer’s sickness. Its effectiveness is warm and it is beneficial from the sickness which is caused by winter. It improves the digestion process. It is beneficial for gastric and digestion problem also. Use 3gm of powder of kalonji after meal, it improves the digestion process and also good for liver.
Mix kalonji with vinegar and then use it for worms in belly, it kills them. For flue, fry kalonji and then grind it and then wrap in a piece of cloth, smell it again and again it is beneficial for flue purpose. Fry kalonji and then grind it and then mix it with olive oil and then drops 3 4 drops in the nose it’s beneficial for sternutation. Make its liquor and mixes honey with it and then drink it, it’s good for stone in kidney.

To elutriate the complexion and skin, grind the kalonji and then mix with ghee and then apply it on face. It use olive oil instead of ghee, it’s more beneficially. For those who have pimples on their skin, they use powder of kalonji and mix with vinegar and then apply on their face at night and leave the mask for whole night and hen wash it at morning. This mask will remove their pimples and also elutriate their skin. For injury purpose fry kalonji and mix with henna oil, it will help to heal up soon.
Kalonji is also effective for diabetes.

The oil which extract from kalonji is of two types, the 2nd type of oil is very effective for medicines. This oil is used for external use and it’s very effective also. This oil is also effective for scald head. In scald head, head is shaved in a round shape. This oil stops scald head and helps hair to grow. From the use of this oil, hair didn’t become white. This oil is also effective when any body part become fetish. More researches on this are under process.
The fumigator of kalonji kills all insects. Don’t use excess amount of kalonji for a long time, some of its ingredients are dangerous for health. Give some gap or use small amount.
Can cause cholesterol Alzheimer in women:
According to researchers, the excess amount of cholesterol can cause Alzheimer. But people can safe their selves by reducing cholesterol. The researcher’s team examine 76 men and 71 women, they pass through from clinical examine in 1998 and in 2003 1/3rd of them are dies because of mental disease. The Japanese professor of research team told that they need to make vaccine to reduce it.
Eat salad and control the cholesterol:
Salad contains taste as well as proteins. Green vegetables and salad can not affect the digestion system and fulfill the necessity of proteins and vitamins. Salad help to control cholesterol and it contains fiber, iron and calcium in excess amount. Salad can also control the heart diseases and blood pressure also.
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