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Urdu Pomegranate Benefits In English: Pomegranate (A solution of 100 diseases): Pomegranate is very juicy and tasty fruit. It is of 3 types according to taste, sweet, sour and mix. Its poxes are like red gems, full-bodied and juicy. Old doctors know about its advantages. Now new researches have approved it. It contains proteins, sugar, calcium, iron and phosphorus, which increases blood and body growth also.

Its full-bodied juice satisfies the thrust, gives pleasure and energy to our body. It is useful in ague and fever when body needs energy, it provides energy and reduces the inner temperature and also satisfies the thrust.

  • If ague patient suffers from vomiting and diaria then it is also useful for it.

  • Sour and mix pomegranate makes the digestion of food better. Its poxes are also used in mistura as in powder form for digestion purpose.

  • Grind 5 units of dried pomegranate seeds, 1 unit of dry ginger, 1 unit of white cumin and black salt. And mix it, it will be a tasty mistura. Take small amount of this mistura after every meal, it will digest your food.

  •  Grind pomegranate’s leaves and make pillow of it, it is useful for the eye’s pain and redness.

  • Those ladies who lose their pregnancy can drink its water by taking pomegranate’s flowers an 2 units of water, grind them and then filter it and then they can drink it. They must drink it for 2 3 days in day and night so that they do not lose their pregnancy.
  • Its cover is also very famous for its advantages. It contains such ingredients which are very useful for muscles also. Its green tea is very useful and can control the vomiting and motions.
  • Pomegranate’s tree and its roots are also used in medicines and can kill tapeworm. Boil 4 units of its roots in 3/4th of water as much that it remain half of it then filter it and make 3 parts of it. Take 1 part in the morning with empty stomach and take the 2nd part after 1 hour, and then take part after the 1 hour of 2nd part. It will kill all the tape worms and they will come out from your body through shit.

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