Ya Khabir Benefits Urdu Ya Khabeeru Wazifa Ya Khabir Meaning In English

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Wazifa Ya Khabeeru Benefits In Urdu Ya Khabir Wazifa: Meaning Al-Khabiro______________ The All-Aware: ALLAH is all-aware because he knows about everything, he knows all the small things and all the big things all the time. Nothing is hide from HIM, HE even knows the knowledge of unseen that’s why he is called Khabir. A person who recites this word will know about his bad habits or sins then he tries to finish the bad habits and do good deeds.

Benefits of reciting Ya Khabeeru in english are listed below:

To know the unseen:
A person who recites this word as much as he can then he start knowing the hidden things, even he can know about someone’s secret. Because ALLAH is khabir and when someone calls HIM with this word HE allows him to know about others secret.
To know about the disease of patient:
To know about the disease, the help of ALLAH is necessary because without HIM we can’t know anything. So if any doctor or hakim recite this word 812 times in a day and make this process as his daily routine then ALLAH will help them and when they check the patients ALLAH help them to easily know about the disease. So this word is very beneficial for doctors and hakims.
Proposal is right or wrong?
If someone proposal came for them and they want to know that it’s the right proposal for them or not then for that, that person have to recite this word for 3248 times in a day for 7 days and do this process in a room where you are alone and after reciting the words the person have to sleep without talking to anyone. ALLAH will give that person some sign that the proposal is right for him/her or not.
Profit or loss in the business:
To know about having the profit or loss in the business in the future, or to know about the things related to business, recite this word for 11000 times in a day for 7 days. ALLAH will let you to know about the secrets or give you some sign about the things.
Process to prevent from the clever person and Satan:
A person who wants to prevent from the clever persons and Satan and wants the blessings of ALLAH, for this he must have to recite this word for 1100 times daily. ALLAH will bless that person with his blessings and prevent him from clever persons and Satan.
Process and phyl of Ya-Khabir Amal:
If want to become scholar of this word then recite this word for 12992 times in a day for 40 days then you can give phyl of this word to other to fulfill their wishes.